Q & A


Who are drivers of Zastava cars?

Feel free to relax during your ride because our Funky Drivers are behind the wheel. Zastava cars do not have power steering, air conditioning or automatic transmission. Driving them is not complicated but it might be challenging. Luckily, our Funky Drivers have experience with oldtimers and will make sure your time spent with us is memorable and safe.

How many people can fit in one Zastava car?

Four: Funky driver/local company + 3 guests – (two on the front seats + two on the back seats)

How often do your mechanics check Zastava cars?

All Zastava cars are checked and maintained on a daily basis. However, Zastava cars are oldtimers, so it may happen that we encounter some unpredictable minor malfunctions but that is the part where our Funky Drivers jump in and fix them.

Are the cars safe?

Zastava cars are oldtimers. They do not have airbags, seatbelts on the back seat or ABS brakes, but they are in perfect condition and are maintained on daily bases. Plus, our Funky Drivers have experience in driving oldtimers.

How hot does it get in Dubrovnik and is there an AC in a Zastava car?

Summer temperatures in Dubrovnik are high and it can get pretty hot during summer months. Zastava cars do not have an AC but that is exactly what makes them authentic. Just open your windows and feel the hairdryer known as wind – authentic, natural and local air conditioning

Pick up/drop off

If your accommodation is located in Dubrovnik, our Funky driver will come and pick you up on your address where he will return you after our adventure. If you are accommodated outside of Dubrovnik, please send us a request for the tour so that we can agree on the meeting point in Dubrovnik.